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What Do Acoustic Panels Do?

Acoustic panels have grown from luxuries to necessities in homes today. Wondering what exactly this component does or perhaps when and where to use it? Keep reading, you’ll find your answer in this guide.

Introduction to sound acoustic panels

Put simply, this is the kind of panel tailored to absorb sound and background noise and minimize reverb and echo in your interior environments.

The overall aim of this panel is just to reduce the sound- the annoying sounds. This reduction, from research, has been shown to increase your productivity levels overall health and well-being, and quality of life.

So, in a broader sense, we can say that an acoustic panel is a lifesaver sent to increase your overall life quality.

Grooved Wood Acoustic Panel

Now the question is when can you use these panels?

Generally, we categorize acoustic panels into vertical and horizontal panels. Each of these panels has its distinct properties.  These properties relate to their acoustic performance. So, both are suitable for different applications.

Vertical panels get to flex their muscles when you want to reduce sound transfers. They prevent sound from going one room to another. It also works great to help you reduce background noise to a considerable level. For example, if you are looking to use a panel in your open-space offices, then you need the sound level to range between 45 and 55 decibels. This is what your vertical panels help you achieve.

Besides background noise, a vertical panel also helps you minimize reverb time, which is necessary to enjoy an overall high-quality sound. Although vertical panels help a great deal to reduce sound transfer, they will not completely eliminate the noise. So, to remove this noise completely, you might want to have a floor-to-ceiling partition system in place.

Horizontal panels are great when you want to elevate your direct sound absorption. These panels essentially prevent sound ones from spreading across. So, it features absorptive panels. These panels help you convert sound energy to heat using a process fueled by friction.

Most horizontal panels are made using acoustic foams and other sound-absorbing materials.

Where can you use your acoustic panels?

So, you could deduce that the acoustic panels are useful to reduce the transfer of sound, minimize background noise, and reduce your reverb time. However, to achieve all these benefits, you have to place them in strategic locations.

These locations depend on the size of your room, and the presence of furniture, among other factors.

For smaller rooms, the walls are close together. As such, sound waves tend to bounce fast across the walls. Wall-mounted acoustic panels prove to be more effective in minimizing the number of sound waves bouncing across the room.

But for bigger rooms, where the walls are far apart, you can use horizontally suspended acoustic panels to help you dampen and reduce the noise.

In closing

Acoustic panels have several benefits and functionalities that directly affect your health. However, these benefits may vary depending on the type of panel you choose. So, follow this guide to make the best decision for your home. If you’re still finding it difficult to decide, be sure to reach out to us and we will be more than glad to help(dayin@dayinacoustics.com).

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