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Wood Acoustic Panel

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels, as the name would suggest, are specialist acoustic panel designs intended to help give your property an additional level of acoustic quality. By absorbing sound waves, fabric wrapped acoustic panels are hence effective for numerous projects, including reducing vibrations and echoing. This helps produce a sound that’s significantly crisper overall.

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels feature a thin panel of material, fully encased to the front with high-quality fabric. This makes them easy to install for many applications. Dayin fabric wrapped acoustic panels provide an excellent acoustic performance combined with a multitude of fabric wrap finishes, sizes, and configurations that give you limitless design and sound controlling potential.

Our fabric wrapped panels are made-to-order based on your specifications, choosing from a wide variety of fabric options to suit your design preference. Have a fabric in mind? Let our acoustic team know, and we will wrap your panels with the fabric of your choice.

Why Choose Fabric Acoustic Panels Over Wooden Panels?

Many businesses choose wooden acoustic panels for sound management properties, but these may not always be the most effective solutions. In some cases, other alternatives may be better suited, such as fabric acoustic panels.

Notably, there are two main differences between fabric acoustic panels and wooden acoustic panels. Overall, the aesthetic of fabric acoustic panels is often preferable over standard wooden panels; they’re also readily available in a huge array of colors and designs. It’s also well worth considering that fabric acoustic panels may be easier to install and softer to the touch than a solid wooden panel.


Fabric wrapped acoustic panel has a built-in non-combustible high-density microporous glass fiber sound-absorbing cotton board, and is covered with flame-retardant decorative fabric. It is a high-quality acoustic material integrating the advantages of environmental protection, decoration, fire prevention, dust-free, and simple installation. It has a great sound absorption effect on medium and high-frequency noise.

*Flame retardant and fireproof


* Aesthetically pleasing

*Simple construction

*Available in various colors and patterns

*Made-to-order based on your specifications


NameFabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels
StructureSubstrate + Surface + Frame
Substrate96kg/m³ glass fiber sound-absorbing board or other cotton board
SurfaceFlame retardant sound-absorbing fabric
FrameAluminum Alloy Frame/Resin Solid Edge/No Frame
CornerRight Angle/Small Cut Angle
SizeWidth 600mm/1200mm; Length 600mm/1200mm/2400mm; Thickness 25mm/50mm; other sizes can be customized
Fire-proof LevelThe fire resistance performance reaches A1/A2/B/C level(In accordance with GB8624-2006 “Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products”)


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