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Professional Acoustic Panels Manufacturer

Guangdong Dayin Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern and new type of acoustic enterprise integrating the production, manufacture, and engineering of acoustic materials. Our main products are sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials.

Our products are developed and designed by authoritative acoustic experts and acoustic designers at home and abroad, ensuring the acoustic performance and decorative effect of the materials. To meet customers’ higher needs, we continuously introduce advanced production equipment, strictly control product quality, and innovate technology. The annual output of various acoustic materials reaches more than 500,000 square meters.

The company has a team of talents specializing in product development, manufacturing, management, and sales. After years of rapid development, the company’s products are exported to more than 20 countries worldwide. They are widely used in stadiums, cinemas, classrooms, conference rooms, recording studios, hotels, entertainment venues, etc.

On the road to future development, we will provide more rigorous quality, more professional ability, and high-quality service and devote ourselves to establishing long-term cooperative relations to create an elegant audio-visual space for our lives

Acoustic Panels Manufacturer



Dayin was established with an office area of 35㎡.


The factory was put into operation and officially began to produce and sell by itself, with a plant area of 360㎡.


Upgraded and transformed, and a variety of products were put into production, expanding the scale of the plant to 1000㎡.


Upgraded again to expand the scale of the plant to 2000㎡.


Entered the stage of all-round development, with a plant area of 3400㎡.


The strategic deployment was upgraded to enter the international market.

Acoustic Panels Manufacturer



Improve people's hearing environment and make life better.


Let there be no unpleasant sound in the world.


Customer first, Win-win cooperation, Openness, Trust, Innovation, and Passion.