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Wood Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Foam Panel

Acoustic foam is a specialist open-celled foam material that helps capture and reduce the amplitude of sound waves. Then, acoustic foam dissipates sound energy as heat energy, helping to enhance the clarity of sound in your room.

Acoustic foam panels are excellent acoustic-management materials commonly used inside your property’s walls to help reduce noise disruptions and disturbances. Acoustic foam panels are made from E0 level foam materials and can be fully customized to your requirements.

The Benefits of Acoustic Foam Panels

Without a doubt, if you’re looking for a top-quality solution, acoustic foam panels might be an ideal solution. Indeed, some of the main benefits that acoustic foam panels can provide include the following points:


◆Excellent acoustic control, ensuring that sounds in your property are crisp and clear

◆Lightweight solution, making installation incredibly easy for any property

◆Since the polyester acoustic panels can be readily cut to size with a sharp knife or scalpel

◆Available in a wide range of different, vibrant colors

◆Textured surfacing makes polyester acoustic panels incredibly effective while simultaneously looking excellent

◆Can be readily mounted either to the walls or ceilings on your property


There is a wide range of applications for our acoustic products, including:

High-End Professional Studios

Home Studios

Rehearsal Rooms

Home Cinemas

Dedicated Listening Rooms

Public Buildings

Professional and Home Offices

Server Rooms

Custom Enclosures

And more.