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Wood Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Painting

Providing Stylish Decor Without Sacrificing Soundproofing Power

Art acoustic panels provide a soft and dense material that absorbs sound before it travels.

We take your images and put them on a fabric/leather wrapped acoustic panel in rich, true-to-life colors. You can choose any images and select the precise size you need for any space, so the panels will perfectly complement the existing decor.

Art acoustic panels are the perfect combination of both design and sound absorbing qualities simultaneously, allowing you to soundproof a room and make it look stylish at the same time.

As Simple to Install as Hanging Up a Painting

Art acoustic panels are a perfect soundproofing solution when you are seeking or absorb sound without intruding on existing building structure. Art acoustic panels still provides effective sound absorption and vibration reduction properties. However, they are often substantially easier to install compare to removing the external wall covering, making it ideal if you need an easier and less invasive option.

Extremely Versatile

Because of their flexibility of size, shape and design, art acoustic panels are extremely versatile. Art acoustic panels are perfect for: homes, offices, conference rooms, restaurants/bars, education buildings, auditoriums, gymnasiums, libraries museums, music halls, theaters, studios, hotels, and many other rooms.

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Place of OriginChina
Can it Be CustomizedYes
VarietiesAcoustic material
CharacteristicFlame retardant, good decorative effect, prevent collision, sound absorption, Easy installation
ApplicationInterrogation room, cinema, hotel, KTV, opera house, etc
Size400*600*25mm / customized
Custom OrderYes
MaterialLeather + Fiberglass acoustic cotton
UseSound absorption, flame retardant, decoration, prevent collision



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