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Polyester Batts Insulation

When it comes to materials for your property’s insulation needs, polyester fiber batting could definitely be a good option to consider. Indeed, as a specialist insulation material, polyester fiber batting is made from layers of polyester strains with hollow fibers, which makes the material incredibly effective for trapping air and insulating a room. Polyester fiber batting is also incredibly lightweight thanks to this nature, making it much easier to install than other materials.

How is Polyester Fiber Batting Used?

Generally speaking, polyester fiber batting is used for home insulation purposes (although there may also be a handful of other ways to use it). Polyester fibre batting is commonly installed directly inside the wall, usually in between wall panels, to provide an effective and thorough sound-absorbing material.  

Could Polyester Fiber Batting Be Right for My Property or Project?

There are many different reasons that people choose to use polyester fiber batting for insulating their properties. Notably, polyester fiber batting is also effective for insulating against sound and heat loss, so it can be incredibly versatile as required. 

Some of the main benefits offered by polyester fiber batting include the following:
Easy to install: Did you know that polyester fiber batting is incredibly easy to install? Since it’s lightweight in nature, due to the fibers’ hollow cores, polyester fiber batting is commonly used in scenarios where a heavy panel might be difficult to install.
Flexible: Another benefit of using polyester fiber batting is that it’s incredibly easy to install compared to regular panels. Since polyester fiber batting is typically flexible, it’s easy to make fit into your property, no matter the size or shape of your walls.
Excellent insulating properties: If you need to insulate your property, polyester fiber batting could be an excellent option. The large air pockets within the batting help trap air, heat, and sound, insulating the property and preventing losses to neighboring rooms or the outside world as a whole.

If you think that these benefits could apply well to your needs, our experts are on hand to help. Why leave this to chance – find the optimal strategies for your property or project with help from our experts.


1. Sound absorption: 100% fiber is hot-pressed with high technology and formed in the shape of cocoon cotton. The sound absorption coefficient reaches 0.94 in the noise range of 125-4000HZ.
2. Decorative: Various colors are available.
3. Thermal insulation: The special sound-absorbing mechanism creates excellent thermal insulation performance, thus creating a very comfortable constant temperature space.
4. Flame retardancy: It can automatically extinguish when leaving the fire.
5. Environmental protection: green environmental protection products.
6. Lightweight: 10-98kg/m³.
7. Ease of processing: random cutting, various color matching, and easy realization of different styles and artistic patterns.
8. Stability: Good physical stability, will not expand or shrink due to temperature changes.
9. Impact resistance: It will not break under the impact of huge external force, and can withstand any impact in the stadium and various sports venues.
10. Independent and efficient: no need for sound-absorbing cotton, no need for decorative boards, or even auxiliary materials, can achieve arbitrary sound-absorbing and decorative effects through simple operations; reduce construction period and overall project cost.
11. Ease of maintenance: easy to remove dust and easy to maintain.


NamePolyester Batts Insulation
SizePolyester Sound-absorbing Panels: width 1000/1200mm; length 2400mm; thickness 25-100mm
Polyester Sound-absorbing Roll: width 1000/1200mm; length 20000mm; thickness 25-100mm



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