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Wood Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Diffuser

Acoustic diffusers are specifically designed to treat reflections and echoes. Acoustic diffusers don’t absorb sound but rather disperse it, preserving the room’s liveliness by making the sound spread throughout the room. Since it ensures an impacting liveliness to the sound quality, it is perfect for theatres, teleconferencing rooms, auditoriums, and places where the quality of music is important.

Acoustic diffusers are often made of wood because you need a hard material that can reflect sound.

Their art-like shapes and patterns is designed with a purpose and elegance in mind, making it fits many spaces.

Acoustic Solutions for Businesses, Contractors, and Home Owners

We provide custom solutions to your specifications, whether you are a contractor or home owner. With a variety of acoustic products and a factory in China, we are able to meet all kinds of acoustic needs in a favorable price.

Acoustic Diffusers Factory with 12 Years Experience

After more than a decade of experience in the acoustic industry, we take advantage of acoustic resources in China. We manufacture the products or have a direct relationship with the manufacturer. This allows us to offer you the best prices. We can also introduce you to our manufacturing site if you can’t find what you need and want something bespoke.

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