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Wood Acoustic Panel

Soundproof Booth

A soundproof booth is a small, self-contained booth designed to provide uncompromising privacy for the user. The booth is made from specialist sound-absorbing and soundproofing materials to help reduce the level of sound that can escape the booth’s confines, thereby keeping everyone secure and their private information on the quiet. It has a total power supply system of 110-240V of power, and the size can be customized depending on requirements.

After all, having somewhere private to discuss such matters is integral, whether it’s a private meeting, sensitive personal information, a new product that’s being launched, or anything in between.

It’s easy to feel skeptical about how well a soundproof booth works, but the professional-grade materials help ensure your activities are fully private.

Sound-insulating glass and polyester fiber acoustic panels significantly reduce the amount of noise that escapes the booth, while the high-strength aluminum profile and environmental protection plywood help give the booth sturdiness and durability of the unit.


Product NameSoundproof Booth
SizeS/M/L/2L /Customized
Power Supply System110-240V Power
Main MaterialSound Insulation Glass, Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel,
Environmental Protection Plywood, Hign-strength Aluminum Profile
FunctionSoundproof, Ventilated, Lighting, Power Supply
ApplicationOffice / School / Home / Recording / Exhibition Hall / Library / Hospital / Shopping Mall / ect.