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We Manufacture Acoustic Panels of Great Quality, Aesthetics, and Functionality

At Dayin Acoustic, we are concerned about reducing noise so you can concentrate on your ideas. We have designed, produced, and marketed acoustic products for over 10 years.

Growing Acoustic Insulation Market

While many businesses have suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic, it generally seems safe to say that the acoustic insulation field has benefited from it. With more people than ever staying at home for longer periods, the importance of ensuring a quiet, comfortable home environment became even more integral. Fortunately, this is what noise-cancelling equipment and materials can help provide. Furthermore, soundproofing materials have also increased in demand for their ability to help prevent headphones from releasing noise into the immediate environment, making business conversations and the like more private accordingly.

Excellent Range of Acoustic Panels

We have acoustic panels for all environments, including homes, offices, cinemas, schools, and much more! Dayin Acoustic offers an excellent range of products available in different colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your project needs.

Acoustic Panels Manufacturer

The Best Price You Can Get

After more than a decade of experience in the acoustic industry, we take advantage of acoustic resources in China. We manufacture the products or have a direct relationship with the manufacturer. This allows us to offer you the best prices. We can also introduce you to our manufacturing site if you can’t find what you need and want something bespoke.

More than Acoustic

Acoustic panels are not only to reduce acoustic pollution but also to give the room a nicer look. We will provide a solution to improve the space’s acoustic quality but also dress it with art according to your needs.



Dayin was established with an office area of 35㎡.


The factory was put into operation and officially began to produce and sell by itself, with a plant area of 360㎡.


Upgraded and transformed, and a variety of products were put into production, expanding the scale of the plant to 1000㎡.


Upgraded again to expand the scale of the plant to 2000㎡.


Entered the stage of all-round development, with a plant area of 3400㎡.


The strategic deployment was upgraded to enter the international market.

Acoustic Panels Manufacturer



Improve people's hearing environment and make life better.


Let there be no unpleasant sound in the world.


Customer first, Win-win cooperation, Openness, Trust, Innovation, and Passion.