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Is Fiberglass Insulation Good for Soundproofing?

Have you ever wondered whether fiberglass is good for soundproofing? In many cases, finding the optimal soundproofing solutions for your property can seem like a challenge – but if you ask us, this shouldn’t have to be the case. With this thought in mind, today, we’re looking at some of the key things you need to know about fiberglass insulation and its role as a soundproofing material. Could fiberglass insulation really work for this goal? Well, let’s find out.

What is Fiberglass Insulation?

Before we go any further, we first need to clarify what fiberglass insulation is. Fiberglass insulation is a specialist insulating material designed to keep your property warm and protected by stopping the transfer of heat from within your property and the outside.

How Fiberglass Insulation Works

While no form of commercially available insulation is 100% effective, fiberglass foam is able to capture and trap heatwaves, preventing them from passing through. However, this naturally begs the question: could it do the same with soundwaves, too?

Fiberglass Batts Insulation

Can Fiberglass Insulation Work For Soundproofing?

It’s not always clear whether fiberglass insulation can work for soundproofing effectively, but in reality, this excellent material can be surprisingly effective for reducing or preventing sound losses and transfer from a room. As such, if you have been looking for a soundproofing material to help with controlling sound dispersion in your property, fiberglass insulation might be a good place to start.

Why is this? Well, in a similar manner to temperature, fiberglass insulation can absorb sound–which allows it to effectively reduce the sound waves bouncing around your room and escaping. While this isn’t a form of sound proofing specifically, it can certainly help with your efforts to control sound.

How Does Fiberglass Insulation Perform with Sound Control

In terms of sound control, fiberglass insulation can offer an excellent option. Indeed, in many cases, fiberglass insulation is incredibly efficient and effective for reducing sound levels, and this is proven by the material’s impressive noise reduction coefficient (NRC).

Generally, a material’s NRC is measured between 0 and 1, which directly influences the material’s overall ability to control sound. For fiberglass insulation, this scores around 0.90 on the NRC (at around three inches in thickness). As such, it’s easy to see how this material can effectively reduce the level of sound escaping your property.

However, it’s still worth keeping in mind that the NRC of fiberglass insulation still isn’t at 1.0 – which means there’s still some potential for sound to escape. As such, if you want to fully soundproof your property, you may need to invest in additional soundproofing materials and panels to stop noise losses.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a new way to soundproof your home, fiberglass insulation might be a good option to consider. Of course, it’s not the most effective choice to soundproof your home, but it can help reduce noise spread. With this thought in mind, if you already have fiberglass insulation installed in your property, you might find that this could go a long way toward helping with your own insulation and soundproofing goals.

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